Women have fought for many, many years for equality and still continue the battle in many ways. Locally, in Brantford-Brant many of us are keeping up the fight. Because it’s 2016! We want this to be a year where even further strides are made!

On April Sunday April 3rd, 17 women from Brantford-Brant along with Cambridge MPP Kathryn McGarry (above), attended an official founding meeting of the Brantford-Brant Women’s Liberal Club (BBWLC).

McGarry addressed questions and discussed the importance of involving women in politics. As the first female MPP of Cambridge, she stressed the importance of not giving up and pushing through to succeed and achieve your goals. McGarry ran twice as a provincial Liberal candidate before succeeding on the third try. McGarry also spoke highly of our 2015 local federal Liberal candidate Danielle Takacs who we know will provide a positive guiding influence to us as someone who can impart not just her experiences as a candidate, but also as a past President of the local Liberal Women’s club and VP Federal of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission. We’re excited to get moving!

Our club currently consists of over 25 female Liberal members in Brantford-Brant who will seek to provide a strong female Liberal presence in the community, while at the same time encouraging a greater female presence in all local activities and decisions. We will be an organization that engages the Brantford-Brant community at large and bring community members together for non-partisan discussions about issues that predominantly affect women. Of course we will also be doing all we can as well to work towards a local Liberal victory in 2019!

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the year and your support will help make them possible!

If you are interested in joining or supporting the BBWLC or have any questions, please contact us. To be a member of our club, you must be female, a member of the Ontario Liberal Party or the Federal Liberal Party of Canada and over the age of 14. We look forward to welcoming all new members and we welcome men interested in being honourary supporters! We all must work together for gender equality! Thank you!