The Liberal Party of Canada Commissions and Brantford-Brant Commission Clubs

All our local clubs work to engage the wider Brantford-Brant Liberal community while also doing all we can as well to work towards a local Liberal victory in 2019! We discuss policy, election readiness, community events, communications, and fundraising, but first and foremost we are about bringing new voices into the Party and always engaging as many community members as possible. We may have started as clubs intended to engage women, youth and seniors in the political process but our clubs often work together and have many allied supporters working with us who do not fall into one of these demographics. That means no matter your background, you are welcome to join us!

Brantford-Brant Liberal Women’s Club (BBWLC)

The National Women’s Liberal Commission (NWLC) is the voice of women in the Liberal Party of Canada. The Commission represents and promotes the interests of women within the Party and encourages the active participation of women at all levels of Canadian politics. The Commission also provides support and encouragement to local Women’s Liberal Clubs at the riding level.

Our Brantford-Brant Women’s Liberal Club was re-founded in April, 2016. Our club seeks to provide a strong female Liberal presence in the Brantford-Brant community, while at the same time encouraging a greater female presence in all local activities and decisions. In particular, we aim bring community members together for non-partisan discussions about issues that predominantly affect women. This year, we have hosted discussions on involving more women in politics, rural issues, combating domestic abuse, co-organized a community forum on electoral reform and have taken over hosting for the monthly Liberal breakfast social. We have much planned for the months ahead, Join Us to get involved! Everyone, regardless of your gender, is welcome to participate in our activities!

Read more about the NWLC here and the Ontario branch, the Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission (who engage women both federally and provincially), here. Read about our founding meeting here.

Brantford-Brant Young Liberals (BBYL)

The Young Liberals of Canada Commission is made up all Liberals aged 25 and under. With clubs in ridings across Canada, the Young Liberals aim to bring energy and innovative ideas to the Liberal Party and empower youth to make a difference by building a better Canada. The Brantford-Brant Young Liberals were re-founded as a club in 2015 and have remained strong ever since! We engage in door to door canvassing, participate in youth conferences, have hosted elected officials for roundtable discussions and community forums, and in the summer of 2016 held our first Iced Coffee House which turned into the best attended Young Liberals event in our riding’s history! Join us as we plan many more events and activities for the weeks and months ahead!

Read more about the YLC here and the Ontario branch, the Ontario Young Liberals (who engage youth both federally and provincially), here.

Brantford-Brant Seniors’ Liberal Club (BBSLC)

The Senior Liberals’ Commission (SLC) is made up of Liberal members aged 65 and older, dedicated to making Canada more elder friendly by providing a forum for policy discussion and development. The SLC also supports local riding level Senior Liberal Clubs. Our Senior’s Liberal Club in Brantford-Brant was founded in April, 2016. We aims to provide a strong presence in our community, while at the same time, encouraging a greater senior’s presence in all local activities and decisions.  We strive to be an organization that engages the community and surrounding areas, and brings members together for non-partisan discussions about issues that predominately affect seniors. Since our founding we have hosted discussion forums on a range of issues and look forward to hosting many more. Join us today, all are welcome!

Read more about the SLC here and read about our founding meeting here.

Indigenous Peoples’ Commission (IPC)

We would also like to bring attention to the Indigenous Peoples’ Commission (IPC) of the Liberal Party of Canada. The IPC represents and promotes the interests of Indigenous Canadians and encourages the active and equitable participation of Aboriginal people at all levels of the Liberal Party structure and the political process. Since its inception in 1990, this Commission has played an important role in the direction of the Liberal Party of Canada. Through the development of Indigenous policy, through general elections, and through the Indigenous caucus, the Commission has successfully represented the concerns of Indigenous Canadians at the Party level, thereby increasing Indigenous participation in the broader political system. The IPC executive works to ensure that First Nation, Inuit and Metis voices are present and relevant at the policy making and government forums.

There are no Liberal clubs in Ontario at the riding level for the IPC, but each of our Women, Youth and Senior clubs fully support the mandate of the IPC and work with all whom we can to further its aims and are fortunate to have indigenous members in our clubs. If you are interested in working with us to further the goals and concerns of indigenous residents of Brantford-Brant (working in collaboration with them) and the mandate of the IPC, let us know here.

Read more about the IPC here.

Your Executives

DONNA NELSONWomen's Club President
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HEATHER MACDONALD-MOOREWomen's Club Executive Vice-President
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PATRICK MULLIGANYoung Liberals President
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MICHELLE GUZMAN-RATKOYoung Liberals Executive Vice-President
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LAURA-JANE CHARLTONSeniors' Club President
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JAMIE CRICKSeniors' Club Executive Vice-President
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