In Brantford-Brant seniors have gained a greater voice!

On Monday April 25th, over 20 local senior Liberal members (above) attended a founding meeting of the Brantford-Brant Senior Liberals’ Club (BBSLC). We will be an active club and invite all seniors to join us!

The Club consists of over 25 seniors who are Liberal members in Brantford-Brant who will seek to provide a strong presence in the community and bring greater attention to issues that predominately affect seniors. I am honoured to have been elected as the new Club’s President.

We got off to a great start with our founding meeting which was chaired by our invited guest Danielle Takacs, our local candidate in the 2015 federal election. Danielle has been a strong ally to seniors and I know she will be a great ally to our new club. At the meeting, we spoke at length about the upcoming Liberal Party of Canada Biennial in Winnipeg May 26-28, 2016 and how the Senior Liberals’ Commission of Canada will have their own 3 hour meeting on seniors’ issues and Senior Liberals’ Commission activities at the convention. Patricia Woodburn, our newly elected Policy Chair for the BBSLC, is pleased to be attending the Biennial and is looking forward to coming back to Brantford-Brant to share with seniors everything that she has learned.

The founding of this club follows a newly established Brantford-Brant Women’s Liberal Club last month. Laura-Jane Charlton, the President for the Brantford-Brant Women’s Liberal Club, was elected Vice-President of the new BBSLC. I’d like to thank her for her continued commitment and dedication.

We’re also incredibly proud to say that with the formation of this club, this is the first time in memory that our local Federal Liberal Association has had active youth, women’s and senior’s clubs at the same time. Our clubs have pledged to work closely together and we will accomplish great things! And of course there are many opportunities to get involved through the Brantford-Brant Federal Liberal Association committees that are open to ALL Liberals, sign up here!

If you are interested in joining or supporting the BBSLC or have any questions, please contact us. To be a member of our club, you must be a member of the Federal Liberal Party of Canada and 65 years old or older. If you live outside our riding but do not have your own Senior’s Club, we’d welcome you to join ours! We look forward to welcoming all new members and we welcome everyone else interested in being honourary supporters!