THANK YOU to the amazing panelists, volunteers and over 100 people in all (including local councillors, trustees, provincial candidates from multiple parties and MPP Dave Levac), who came for the social and non-partisan community forum on Combatting Discrimination and Implicit Bias on October 15th organized by our local Liberal Women’s Club!

The featured guest panelist was Mary Ng, MP for Markham-Thornhill. Prior to being elected MP, Ng served as the Director of Appointments for Prime Minister Trudeau, as the Executive Director to the President of Ryerson University and in various roles in the Ontario civil service.

Four local Brantford-Brant community leaders from a wide range of career backgrounds joined Ng on the panel, including:
Alison Biro (Lawyer, Criminal and Family Law),
Lauren Burrows (Education and Inclusion Coordinator, Laurier Brantford),
Azra Chaudhry (YMCA Immigrant Settlement Services) and
Marion MacDonald (Member of the Minister’s Advisory Council for Special Education and Former GEDSB First Nations Trustee Representative).

The panelists shared many stories, advice and recommendations and took many audience questions in what was a rich and informative discussion of the ways we all can better recognize and combat discrimination and implicit biases in the many forms that they can occur and how we can better promote the value of diversity throughout society.

We are grateful to all who had a role in making this event a success.

We hope this builds on other community events with the goal of having a more inclusive society with equal opportunity for all.

We look forward to hosting more forums to engage our community on critical issues and invite everyone to be a part of them!