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The Brantford-Brant Federal Liberal Commission Clubs work to involve more people in the political process in Brantford-Brant. Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities. We exist due to the efforts of a strong dedicated team of volunteers. Working in a number of areas including, outreach, election readiness, fundraising, communications and policy our goal is to build and engage the wider Brantford-Brant community.


The Riding

Brantford-Brant consists of:
(a) the City of Brantford; and
(b) that part of the County of Brant lying easterly of Etonia Road and East Quarter Townline Road and lying southerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of said county with Paris Plains Church Road; thence easterly along said road, its production to Scenic Drive, Scenic Drive and Howell Road to the easterly limit of said county; including Six Nations Indian Reserve No. 40 and New Credit Indian Reserve No. 40A.

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Latest Community Activity

34th Consecutive Monthly Breakfast Social with Special Guest MP Peter Fragiskatos and Post-Breakfast Canvass!

Thank you to all who came and packed the restaurant for our 34th monthly Liberal breakfast social on December 9th! A very special thanks to our special guest London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos! Peter gave a great talk on all the Trudeau government is doing to boost the Canadian economy, create good paying jobs and further Canada's leadership role in the world. He also spoke of the importance of local Liberal volunteers and riding Associations being active in non-election years and doing regular community outreach such as our breakfasts, forums, door to door canvassing and call banks! Peter further fielded a number of great questions from the audience. We also discussed some upcoming events such as the December 21st BBFLA Holiday Social and next Breakfast on January 6th and introduced the new BBFLA Board of Directors members in attendance. It was great to see almost the entire Board there to support this breakfast and our Women's Club! Some of our local supporters also went out to go knock doors after for a canvass organized by the BBFLA Board. Fantastic feedback and conversations were had. A great day had by all. Thanks again to all who took part!

33rd Consecutive Monthly Breakfast Social with Special Guest Anne Tennier!

We had another fantastic crowd for our November 18th breakfast social! Thank you to all who attended in making our 33rd consecutive monthly breakfast social a great time for everyone. A very special thanks to our guest speaker, Anne Tennier who gave an extremely informative talk on the work being done in the private sector on environmental sustainability. Anne took many questions from the crowd and all found the talk extremely worthwhile. There were also updates given on upcoming events such as our next breakfast social with MP Peter Fragiskatos.

A Memorable Forum on Combatting Discrimination and Implicit Bias

THANK YOU to the amazing panelists, volunteers and over 100 people in all (including local councillors, trustees, provincial candidates from multiple parties and MPP Dave Levac), who came for the social and non-partisan community forum on Combatting Discrimination and Implicit Bias on October 15th organized by our local Liberal Women's Club! The featured guest panelist was Mary Ng, MP for Markham-Thornhill. Prior to being elected MP, Ng served as the Director of Appointments for Prime Minister Trudeau, as the Executive Director to the President of Ryerson University and in various roles in the Ontario civil service.       Four local Brantford-Brant community leaders from a wide range of career backgrounds joined Ng on the panel, including: Alison Biro (Lawyer, Criminal and Family Law), Lauren Burrows (Education and Inclusion Coordinator, Laurier Brantford), Azra Chaudhry (YMCA Immigrant Settlement Services) and Marion MacDonald (Member of the Minister's Advisory Council for Special Education and Former GEDSB First Nations Trustee Representative). The panelists shared many stories, advice and recommendations and took many audience questions in what was a rich and informative discussion of the ways we all can better recognize and combat discrimination and implicit biases in the many forms that they can occur and how we can better promote the value of diversity throughout society. We are grateful to all who had a role in making this event a success.

32nd Consecutive Monthly Breakfast Social with Special Guest CARP President Ron Singer!

We had another fantastic crowd for our October 14th breakfast social! Thank you to all who attended in making our 32nd consecutive monthly breakfast social a great time for everyone. A very special thanks to our guest speaker, CARP (otherwise known as the Canadian Association for Retired Persons) President Ron Singer who speak in great detail about the CARP organization, the local chapter and all the work they do in the community for seniors and/or those are retired or planning retirement. Anyone of any age can join CARP and Ron encourages everyone to do so and contribute to their activities. There were also updates given on several upcoming events including an October forum and social on combatting discrimination with special guest MP Mary Ng and local panelists and guests for upcoming breakfasts in November (engineer and environmental consultant Anne Tennier to discuss environmental sustainability) and December (London North Centre MP Peter Fragiskatos)!

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Diversity is Canada’s strength.

Justin Trudeau


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